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Carving for Everyone

In this class, students will learn about:

Carving tools. The instructor will bring a variety of carving tolls to show students, to give them an idea of what they might need to get for the next class. Those students, who already have some or any carving tools, please feel free to bring them with you. The instructor will supply a piece of raw wood and a sketch that will be a starting practice piece for the next session.

Safety precautions in handling and using carving tools. This part is very important to avoid any accidents from happening.

Sharpening the carving tool. The instructor will demonstrate the sharpening of one carving tool to start with.

Sources for wood, type of wood for walking sticks especially, and how to get them. Wood drying methods and preparation before the wood is ready for carving. This class will cover mainly walking sticks, but the carving techniques will also apply to any woodcarving from small figurines to bass relief.

Starting the second week, the students are expected to bring their carving tools, the piece of wood and the sketch that was supplied in the first class and a small garbage bag or plastic bag to collect the rubbish wood chips left after carving. If any students have a piece of full walking stick size dried wood, and their own design for a walking stick or small figurine, please feel free to bring them with you.

The rest of the remaining weeks of classes will be practicing, demonstrations and answering questions (questions will be addressed all throughout the course duration as well).

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