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Anne Krystoff

       Born and raised on a farm in the Foothills of South-Western Alberta.  Anne has a deep love and respect of nature in all its splendor.  Upon retiring early from Nursing in the Crowsnest Pass Hospital,  in 1986 she moved to Lethbridge be closer to her husband’s parents who needed medical care.

       Anne’s watercolor interests came later in life.  She had some experience in Oils prior.  She is an active member of the Lethbridge Artists Club for several years.  Her favorite saying is  “I just love the way a Watercolor paints itself”.  Anne continues to enjoy learning through different varieties of workshops and lessons offered at the Lethbridge Artists Club.

The following paintings below are for sale.

“Landscape”  Watercolour.  Size:  16X20 Framed.  Price:  $120.00 (Shipping and Handling are extra).

To view  a larger image,  please click on the thumbnails below.

The artist can be contacted at or call 403-327-9290


“Landscape” Watercolor

Farm Scene

“Farm Scene” Watercolor (Sold)

“Abandoned” Watercolor

“Crowsnest Mountain” Acrylics

“Raging Waters” Acrylics

“Storm on Big Chief Mountain” Watercolor

“Mountain Stream” Watercolor

“Crowsnest River” Acrylics

“Poppies” Watercolor

“A Garden of Poppies” Watercolor

“The Old Shed” Watercolor

“The Belly River” Watercolor

“On the Old Highway” Watercolor (Sold)

“Pansies” Watercolor

“The Bridges” Watercolor

“Big Chief in Winter” Watercolor

“Illusions” Oil

“Abandoned in Waterton” Watercolor (Size 16 X 20)

“Big Chief” Watercolor (Size 16 X 20)

“Harvest in Alberta” Watercolor (Size 16 X 20)

“Skies of Alberta” Watercolor (Size 18 X 22)

“Spring on the Prairie” Watercolor (Size 16 X 20)

"Crow's Nest Mountain" Watercolor (Size: 39 X 31) $475.00

“Crow’s Nest Mountain” Watercolor (Size: 39 X 31) $475.00

"Poppies" Acrylic (Size: 23 X 29) $225.00

“Poppies” Acrylic (Size: 23 X 29) $225.00

"Summer's Glory" Watercolor (Size: 25 X 29)

“Summer’s Glory” Watercolor (Size: 25 X 29)

"Sunflower" Watercolor (Size" 16 X 20)

“Sunflower” Watercolor (Size” 20 X 16)

"Crowsnest Mountain in Fall" Acrylic (Size:

“Crowsnest Mountain in Fall” Acrylic (Size: 27 X 32)

"Farm House in Cowley" Watercolor (Size: 18 X 22)

“Farm House in Cowley” Watercolor (Size: 18 X 22)

"Girl and Friend" Watercolor (Size: 13 X 16)

“Girl and Friends” Watercolor (Size: 13 X 16)

"Girl Feeding Chickens" Watercolor (Size: 5 X 19)

“Girl Feeding Chickens” Watercolor (Size: 5 X 19)

"Whispers" Watercolor (Size: 16 X 20)

“Whispers” Watercolor (Size: 16 X 20) SOLD

"Spring at Chief Mountain" Watercolor

“Spring at Chief Mountain” Watercolor

"Spirit Falls" Acrylic (Size: 24 X 18) $200

“Spirit Falls” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 18) $200

"After The  Rain - Tie Lake  B.C." Acrylic (Size: 24 X 36) NFS

“After The Rain – Tie Lake B.C.” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 36) NFS

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  1. June 25, 2016 9:54 am

    Looking for someone to do a mural on feature wall in our home in Lethbridge do you do this type of work.
    Thank Gary Higgins
    403 331 9371

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