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Anne Martens

Anne was born in Nokomis, Saskatchewan where she grew up on a farm with three brothers. Anne’s mother was busy with a family and  farm life; however, she always had time for painting in oils and taking painting lessons by correspondence.  Anne was very busy watching her! One of Anne’s brothers is very good at drawing and spatial positioning; therefore he is one of Anne’s best critics.

Anne has enjoyed painting since the year 2004! Her favorite medium is watercolor, but she is trying acrylics; she likes the freedom to correct mistakes in acrylics.

Anne is married and they have four children, three boys and one girl.  Three are married.  Two married children, live in Lethbridge, Alberta.  One lives in Calgary, Alberta and one lives in Montreal, Quebec.  All are supportive of Mom’s paintings.  Anne’s husband sometimes says “What’s that?”, however; he is supportive. There are many animals, birds, etc. that Anne plans on reproducing on canvas, so she probably will have to live at least until 100 years old, or more. The Artist can be contacted by e-mail at: or by phone at: 403-327-0541

 To see a larger immage,  please click on the thumbnail.

“Peggy’s Cove” Watercolor

“Confederation Bridge” Watercolor

“Herring Run” Watercolor

“Deer Ones” Watercolor

“Water Lily” (Watercolor)

“Red Poppies” Watercolor

“Autumn 01” Watercolor

“Autumn 02” Watercolor

“Barn” Watercolor

“City” Acrylic

“Family of Five” Watercolor

“Giraffe” Watercolor

Fall Colors

Fall Colors – watercolor

“Poppy” Acrylic

“Rose” Watercolor

“Sky” Watercolor

“Cayley: Watercolor

“Water Lily” Wax-Resist

“Tulips” Watercolors

“Crocus” Watercolors

“Chief Mountain” Watercolors

“Golf” Watercolors

“Reflections” Watercolors

“Spring” Watercolors

“Strolling” Watercolors

“Whales at Saguenay Fiord” Watercolors SOLD $100.00 

“What ?” Watercolors

“Whooping Crane” Watercolors

“Sunflower” Watercolor

“P. A. Park” Watercolor

“Fishing Hole” Watercolor

“River Marsh” Watercolor

“Ice Cream” Watercolor

“Night Colors” Watercolor

“Snow Peak” Watercolor

“Poplar Fluff” Watercolor

“Village Snow” Watercolor (Sold)

“Harvest” Watercolor

“Northern Lights” Watercolor

“Skier” Watercolor

“Old Fence” Watercolor

“Barn 2” Watercolor

“Mauve Magic” Watercolor

“Blues” Watercolor

“Picnic” Watercolor

“Snow Bound” Watercolor

“Fish 1” Watercolor

“Fish 2” Watercolor

“Waterton Ice” Watercolor

“Snow” Acrylic (NFS)

“Calgary Skyline” Watercolor (Sold)

“Spring Thaw” Watercolor (Size: 11 X 14)

“Spring” Watercolor (Size: 11 X 14)

“Solitude” Watercolor (Size: 11 X 14)

“Sentinels” Watercolor (Size: 11 X 14)

“Helmet Vanga” Watercolor (Size: 11 X 14)

“Friends” Watercolor (Size: 11 X 14)

“Wild Ones” Acrylic (Size: 36 X 24)

“Come Along With Me” Watercolor (Size: )

“Cone Flower” Watercolor (Size: )

“Three Buddies” Watercolor (Size: )

“Sunflower” Watercolor (Size: )

“Pansies” Watercolor (Size: )

“Mom and Me” Watercolor (Size: )

“Edgar the Eagle” Watercolor (Size: )

“Dog Berries” Watercolor (Size: )

“Alberta Bales” Watercolor

“Mountain Lougheed” Watercolor

“Winter Sunset” Watercolor

“Northern Lights” Watercolor

“Alberta Rose” Watercolor


“Minnie and Junior” Watercolor


“Morris” Watercolor

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