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Brenda Isaak Takao

Brenda Isaak Takao is a multi-media artist who was born and raised in Coaldale, and with the exception of a few years away for schooling and just living in a wider world, she still resides here.

While in university, Brenda’s minor was art, and she also has a diploma in interior design for which she earned the Governor General’s Collegiate Bronze medal.

Born in 1970, she displayed an early aptitude for drawing and has a vague memory of her mother furiously scrubbing her artwork off the walls.  She has worked in watercolours and acrylics, in addition to metal sculpture and more functional metal works as she has inexplicably turned into a journeyman welder somewhere along the line.   More recently,  mixed media has been an important focus of her work.  The natural world plays a large role in her more representational pieces.

Brenda has a belief in the importance of bringing beauty into her life:

Beauty, to me, is an essential part of living.  We crave to be surrounded by it, and to create it in our lives.

Let me define beauty as I see it.  It is anything that brings you joy and peace.  Beauty is the smile on a mother’s face, the kind soul that brings your family food when you are having a crisis.  It is a place where your soul can go to rest.  It is the flowers that grow in my garden in spite of my inept gardening. When I am creating, that is the beauty that I am striving to touch.

"The Dream of Leaves"

“The Dream of Leaves”

"Tulips and Clematis"

“Tulips and Clematis”





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  1. Jane permalink
    February 1, 2015 12:37 am

    Yay Bren! Looks great!

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