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Dawn Cooksley

I took early retirement and decided to spend my retirement doing creative activities.  Luckily a year or two prior, Crafts Canada went out of business and had a fabulous sale …during that sale I bought a lot of watercolours, acrylics, and painting supplies.  So I began my retirement with a wealth of supplies, a large selection of art instruction books, and the odd television art program.  I began with watercolours painting landscapes in miniature from one square inch up to four inch squares at the art club in Tumbler Ridge.  Eventually I started painting acrylics on 4” x 5” canvases and found that much more to my liking.  I am primarily self taught as I have not lived where art classes were available, and now I find I really don’t want to paint what everyone else is painting so I think I will just continue on my own.  Recently I have moved to larger canvases and more varied subjects.

For most of my paintings are taken from my photographs of places I have lived in and loved or places I have travelled to.  I have been very blessed in being able to live in some beautiful places.  I find that photography & painting have opened my eyes to all the beauty that I used to just look past.  Now I look at the scenery and try to pick the best match for the colors I see.

Another love in my creative life is silk.  It started out as a fun activity painting on a silk scarf at a friend’s creative workshop.  I had a wonderful time and left with a beautiful silk scarf…but I was determined not to start a new hobby.  The next year attending the creative weekend started my addiction with silk.  It started an obsession with silk dyes and silks.  Silk dyes & painting with them on silk is more fun and more free ….they almost paint themselves.  I assisted my friend in teaching silk painting workshops and found it amazing that everyone from children to seniors all had a wonderful time and ended up leaving proudly displaying their own silk creation.   Unlike other classes no artistic skills required… I know the drawing and painting workshops often ended up with the newbies being disappointed in their final piece but the silk workshops never.

Here are some of my creations in acrylics and silks..

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My watercolour paintings from Arman Earl’s watercolour workshop.

"Mountains, Trees" Watercolor

“Mountains, Trees” Watercolor

"Fall Creek 01" Watercolor

“Fall Creek 01” Watercolor

"Fall Creek 02" Watercolor

“Fall Creek 02” Watercolor (SOLD)

"Landscape" Watercolor

“Landscape” Watercolor

"Mountains" Watercolor

“Mountains” Watercolor (SOLD)

"Mountain and Creek" Watercolor

“Mountain and Creek” Watercolor

"Elevator, Turned Soil" Watercolor

“Elevator, Turned Soil” Watercolor (SOLD)


“Elevator” Watercolor

 Acrylic paintings…

"Aspens" Acrylic (Size: 8 X 10) $130.00

“Aspens” Acrylic (Size: 8 X 10) $130.00

"The River" Acrylic (Size: )

“The River” Acrylic (Size: 11 X 14) $225.00

"Kinuseo Falls" Acrylic (Size: )

“Kinuseo Falls” Acrylic (Size: 20 X 16) $400.00

"090" Acrylic (Size: )

“Old Barn at Copper Centre” Acrylic (Size: 7  X 5) $60.00

"Nikka Yuko Mini Series 01" Acrylic (Size: )

“Nikka Yuko Mini Series 01” Acrylic (Size: 7 X 5) SOLD

Nikka Yuko Mini Series 02" Acrylic (Size: )

Nikka Yuko Mini Series 02″ Acrylic (Size: 7 X 5) SOLD

"Nikka Yuko Mini Series 03" Acrylic (Size: )

“Nikka Yuko Mini Series 03” Acrylic (Size: 7 X 5) SOLD

"088" Acrylic (Size: )

“Mile Zero at Dawson Creek” Acrylic (Size: 7 X 5) $60.00

"Hubble Inspirations 01" Acrylic (Size: )

“Hubble Inspirations 01” Acrylic (Size: 28 X 23) $400.00

"Hubble Inspirations 02" Acrylic (Size: )

“Hubble Inspirations 02” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 18) NFS

"Sandi's Family" Acrylic (Size: )

“Sandi’s Family” Acrylic (Size: 20 X 16) NFS

"Swans Playing in the Light" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $300.00

“Swans Playing in the Light” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $300.00

"Hagan's Pink Lady" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

“Hagan’s Pink Lady” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

"Beach Kids 01" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

“Beach Kids 01” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

"Beach Kids 02" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

“Beach Kids 02” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

"Beach Kids 03" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

“Beach Kids 03” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20)

Oil paintings…

"Bucky" Oil (Size 16 X 20)

“Bucky” Oil (Size 16 X 20)

"Fishing Buddies' Paradise" Oil (Size 20 X 16)

“Fishing Buddies’ Paradise” Oil (Size 20 X 16) (Sold)

"Re-charging" Oil (Size 20 X 16)

“Re-charging” Oil (Size 20 X 16)

"Waterton Park Skipping Rocks" Oil (Size 10 X 8)

“Waterton Park Skipping Rocks” Oil (Size 10 X 8)

"Dandelions on the Prairies" Oil (Size 10 X 8)

“Dandelions on the Prairies” Oil (Size 10 X 8)

 Silk Scarfs and silk paintings…

"Unda the C" Silk Scarf (Size: 8 X 72) $60.00

“Unda the C” Silk Scarf (Size: 8 X 72) $60.00

"Orchids" Silk Scarf (Size: 11 X 58) $70.00

“Orchids” Silk Scarf (Size: 11 X 58) $70.00

"Alberta Rose" Silk Painting (Size: 8 X 10) NFS

“Alberta Rose” Silk Painting (Size: 8 X 10) NFS

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  1. Linda Richards permalink
    January 23, 2016 6:19 pm

    Your art is so joyful, Dawn. The paintings and those beautiful scarves make me happy.

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