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Denise Savard

I am originally from St. Victor Saskatchewan and went to Academy St. Charles Winnipeg Manitoba. Married and have one daughter. Started painting at the Academy in 1964. I am self-taught but I have had the pleasure of being mentored by great Winnipeg artist such as Roger Lafreniere, Leona Brown, Silvia Russell in Acrylic, watercolour, oil, Mixed Mediums and silkpainting and Encaustic, pastels and alcohol ink. Also do some Nuno felting, reading.

Moved to Lethbridge in 2011to be with our grandchildren. I had the pleasure in 2013 to attend the Red Deer College Summer course in Encaustic for a week with Penny Treese from Georgia, USA. I am a member of CASA , Allied Arts Council, Lethbridge Artist Club, Textile Surface Design Guild.

“Geisha Girl” Oil (Size: 20 X 30) $275.00

“Southern Brook” Oil (Size: 36 X 30) $350.00

“Home Town” Watercolor (Size: 22X 18) $295.00

“Montreal Fall Leaves” Oil (Size: 18 X 24) $200.00

“Niagara Falls River” Acrylic (Size: 30 X 20) $225.00

“Magenta Leaves” Oil (Size: 20 16) $175.00

“North Wind” Watercolor (Size: 15 X 18) $250.00

“Ayers Rock” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 18) $250.00

“Stump” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 36) $175.00

“Red Roof” Oil (Size: 24 X 18) $200.00

“France” Acrylic (Size: 22 X 30) $200.00

“Peach” Oil (Size: 18 X 24) $175.00

“Apple” Oil (Size: 24X 18) $375.00

“Flowers” Oil (Size: 20 X 16) $150.00 Each

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