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Elvera Falk

DSC01714You’ve heard the phrase ” no way can I draw or paint” and  you may also have heard from artists that “anybody can paint”!  I fit into both categories!

About 5 years ago (2008 -09) I was invited to attend an art class.  They were sketching  and the instructor told me to go home and draw something.  You can imagine my surprise when my slippers actually looked  as if  I just might recognize them!   That was the beginning and now I’m hooked!

I look at nature and the world around me with different eyes now;  I see things in colors, dark and light  and in between in all types of shapes.

I started with watercolors.  When I realized I tended to like vibrant and colorful painting and didn’t hesitate to make changes, I switched to acrylics – now my preferred medium.

I have been fortunate enough to have two very qualified mentors.  As a member of the Lethbridge Artist Club, I have had the privilege of taking several of the classes offered.  I have also been to a couple of retreats through the Southern Alberta Artists.

Elvera Falk

Contact info:

“Garden Gladiola” Acrylic (Sold)


“Hibiscus at Can Cun” Acrylic (Sold)

“I love Rocks” Acrylic

“Love from the Kids” Acrylic


“Orchids at Muttart Garden, Edmonton” Acrylic

“Waterton Somewhere” Acrylic

“Poppy in Green Background” Acrylics

“Kino Bay Mexico” Acrylics

“Black Cucle Poppies” Watercolors

“Mountain View with Barn” Acrylics

“Golden Trunk” Acrylics

“Hidden Pond” Acrylics

"Desert Beauty" Acrilic ($200.00)

“Desert Beauty” Acrylics ($200.00)

"Hibiscus in Pink" Acrilic ($85.00)

“Hibiscus in Pink” Acrylics ($85.00)

"Beaming Begonia" Acrylic ($85.00)

“Beaming Begonia” Acrylics ($85.00)

"Cocky Rooster" Acrylics ($60.00)

“Cocky Rooster” Acrylics ($60.00)

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  1. Megan Falk permalink
    March 2, 2014 7:10 am

    Great work Mom! So proud of you! 🙂

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