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Gayle Russell

Mom06     As a 5 year old, Gayle first showed an interest in art while painting ‘designs’ on  the family car.  Her artistic talent was not encouraged at this point, so she put her creative endeavours on hold for many years.

     Later, while living in Kelowna, B. C., she took several art classes and joined an art group (Mission Painters).  Gayle and her husband moved to Lethbridge in 2007 and since then has taken a few workshops and classes through the Lethbridge Artist Club – mostly watercolor  (unfortunately, that is not the medium she chose while painting the family car!

Original paintings are double matted and ready for framing and some are already framed or could be if interested.  Please contact the artist directly for more details (size, medium and price).

Contact :-

"Apple Blossom" Watercolor

“Apple Blossom” Watercolor Framed (Size: 15 X 18) $100

"Cactus" Watercolor

“Cactus” Watercolor Framed 15” x 12” – $60.


“Irises” Watercolor Frramed 12” x 15” – $85.

“Oldy but a Goody” Watercolor

"Elephant Thoughts" Watercolor

“Elephant Thoughts” Watercolor (Sold)

“Mountai Streams” Watercolor Wax-Resist Matted only – $55.

"After the Rodeo"

“After the Rodeo” Acrylic 24” x 36” – $375.

“Stargazers” Watercolor Wax-Resist Framed 17” x 14” – $75.

"Elephant Two Steps" Watercolor

“Elephant Two Steps” Watercolor Framed 15” x 18” – $100.

“Daisy Patch” Watercolor (Sold)

“Happy Faces” Wax-Resist (Sold)

“A Good Year” Wax-Resist

"Horse with No Name"

“Horse with No Name” Acrylic 16” x 20” – $145.

“Autumn” Wax-Resist

"Grape Expectations"

“Grape Expectations” Watercolor Framed 26” x 18” – $200.


“Freya” Acrylic NFS

“Poppies” Wax-Resist NFS


“Balloons” Alcohol Ink on Tile (Sold)

“A Dance We Do” Wax-Resist

"Blue Flowers"

“Blue Flowers” Alcohol Ink on Tile (Sold)


"Chillin' with the Boys"

“Chillin’ with the Boys” Pastel NFS

“Daisy Impressions” Watercolor (Sold)


“Daisies” Watercolor (Sold)

"Morning Glory's"

“Morning Glory’s” Watercolor Framed 12” x 15” – $85.

"Poppies on Parade"

“Poppies on Parade” Wax Resist (Sold)


“Tulips” Watercolor (Sold)

"Ladybug Ladder" Watercolor

“Ladybug Ladder” Watercolor (Sold)

“Old Rover” Watercolor Framed 22” x 18” – $175.

"Sunflowers" Watercolor

“Sunflowers” Watercolor Framed 16” x 20” – $130.

"Turtle Patrol" Watercolor

“Turtle Patrol” Watercolor

"Bob Campbell" Mixed Media / Watercolor

“Bob Campbell” Mixed Media / Watercolor NFS

"Shades of Autumn" Acrylic

“Shades of Autumn” Acrylic (Sold)


“Dragonfly” Watercolor NFS

"Mountain Sheep" Watercolor

“Mountain Sheep” Watercolor

"The Birches" Ink on Panel (Size: 10 X 10)

“The Birches” Ink on Tile (Size: 10 X 10) Framed (Sold)


“Mountain Scene” Watercolor


“Pink Peonies” Watercolor (Size: 37 X 30) Framed 37” x 30”


“Abstract Flower #1” Ink on Tile (Size: 10 X 10) Framed (Sold)


“Abstract Flower #2” Ink on Tile (Size: 10 X 10) Framed 10” x 10” – $45.

"Blue Pagoda" Watercolor

“Blue Pagoda” Watercolor Framed 16” x 20” – $150.


“Go With the Flow” Ink on Tile (Size: 10 X 10) Framed (Sold)


“Abstract Flower #3” Ink on Tile (Size: 10 X 10) Framed (Sold)


“Abstract Flower #4” Ink on Tile (Size: 10 X 10) Framed (Sold)


“Stargazer Lilies” Watercolor (Size: 26 X 20) Framed

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  1. April 17, 2015 1:54 pm

    Hello to every one, it’s genuinely a pleasant for me to go to see this web page,
    it contains precious Information.

  2. Linda Richards permalink
    January 23, 2016 6:26 pm

    What a gorgeous collection of your creations, Gayle! I have always loved the colours of your art. Your sense of humour just sings out of “Hen Pecked.” And your Falling Leave series in encaustics is stunning.

    • Gayle Russell permalink
      January 26, 2016 3:44 pm

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It makes me happy to know that our web pages are being enjoyed!

  3. Blythe permalink
    January 31, 2016 4:58 am

    absolutely gorgeous. I want them all on my walls! Gayle you really have a wonderful touch.

  4. Phyllis permalink
    January 31, 2016 1:15 pm

    My dear friend, Blythe, told me about your work, and being a photographer of flowers and once a watercolorist, I am madly in love with your paintings. How inspirational they are to me. We both want your paintings on our walls!

    • Gayle Russell permalink
      February 8, 2016 8:48 am

      Your compliments are really appreciated – thank you so much!

  5. Judie permalink
    August 12, 2016 7:31 pm

    Gayle, your work is impressive. Love all the paintings, but my faves are the vibrant “blue flowers” and “chillin’ with the boys”, reminds me of Gary, and of course, “Freya”, you’ve captured her so nicely, it’s lovely and natural . All beautiful!

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