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Iris McRae

       Iris was born in Cardston, Alberta in 1944. She has always been interested in art but when raising her children, Iris found that art had to be put on hold.

       She moved to Tisdale, Saskatchewan in 1995 and started painting in 1998. Iris started painting in acrylics but found that watercolors really peaked her interest. She thought, in order to properly do watercolors she had to learn how to draw, so Iris attended a year of drawing through the University of Saskatoon in 2000 – 2001. From then on, watercolor and drawing became her medium of choice.

       Iris moved to Lethbridge in 2003 and joined the Lethbridge Artists Club in 2005. Since joining the Club, Iris had taken a number of classes and found that she enjoys working with oils and chalk pastels. Painting portraits with chalk pastels has become Iris’s favorite. Upon her retirement in 2010, Iris was able to spend more time on her painting and had taken up another medium. Encaustics; painting with colored wax is very intriguing. Iris is self-taught in this medium and finds it wonderful to work with.

       At present Iris is teaching a class in encaustics for the Lethbridge Artists Club in June, as well as teaching another class for the Waterton Lakes Wild Flower Festival in the same medium and the same month. Iris also entered a number of her paintings in the A. C. A. C. A.  Iris finds that she gets very attached to some of her paintings but after a while one must sell a few in order to keep painting.

The following works are by Iris McRae.

  You may view a larger version of any of the paintings by clicking on the thumbnails.

 The Paintings are for sale.

“Ship On Ocean”   It is framed.  Price:  $125.00

“Spring Bouquet”  (Pastels) Size:  16X20.  It is framed.  Price:  $350.00

“Chief Mountain”  (Acrylic as Watercolour)  Size  16X22.  It is framed.  Price:  $350.00

If you are interested in purchasing anyof these paintings,  you may contact the artist directly at:  or,  leave a message at the bottom of this page.

“Ship on Ocean”

“Spring Bouquet”

“Chief Mountain”

“Tulips” Acrylic SOLD

“Waterlily” Acrylic (Sold)

“Canadian Thistle” Acrylics $125.00 SOLD

“Apple Blossom Time” Acrylics $75.00

“Flowers in the Wild” Encaustic 35″ X 36″ ($160.00)


“Wild Flowers on the Hill” Oil 12″ X 16″ ($150.00)

“Lone Tree” Encaustic 6″ X 9″ ($39.00)

“The Journey” Encaustic 6″ X 8.5″ ($49.00)

“Sea World” Encaustic 9″ X 12″ (49.00)

“Azalea” Pastels ($250.00)

"Approaching Storm" Encaustics $360.00

“Approaching Storm” Encaustics $360.00 SOLD

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  1. Iris McRae permalink
    January 30, 2015 9:40 am

    Thank you Iris for the colourful “doodle” watercolour card I received in a raffle at a show a few months back. It is a wonderful reminder of an exercise my grandfather did creating doodles one line or space at a time while interacting with his visitors. He would draw a line on the doodle and then they would draw a line or space of colour taking turns as they went and creating a wonderful piece of art and memory maker at the same time. Thanks for the inspiration and card.

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