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Ivan Bering

       Ivan was born, raised and completed most of his formal education in Saskatchewan. Although he had an early interest in drawing, this was put aside to pursue a degree and career in the sciences; the result was degrees in Engineering and Education from the U of S.

       Most of his career has been spent in Alberta working in the Information Technology field. During his working career he attended numerous art classes: University of Alberta and Red Deer College. He has worked with watercolour and pen/ink but has now moved to acrylics. Since retiring he has been able to devote more time to painting and his work has been purchased both by individuals and the business community.

Ivan Bering can be contacted at: or call: 403-329-8580

“Winter Evening” Acrylics (Size: 12 x 16) $225.00

"Saskatchewan" Acrylics (Size: 34 X 48) $450.00

“Saskatchewan” Acrylics (Size: 24 X 48) $450.00

"Third Avenue South" Acrylics (Size: 24 X 30) $350.00

“Third Avenue South” Acrylics (Size: 24 X 30) $325.00 (SOLD)

"First Snow" Acrylic (24 X 30) $ 500.00

“First Snow” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 30) $500.00 (SOLD)

"Kananaskis 01: Acrylic (Size: 18 X 201) $200.00

“Kananaskis 01: Acrylic (Size: 18 X 201) $200.00

"Solo" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $180.00

“Solo” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $180.00

"Whitemud" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $ 180.00

“Whitemud” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $180.00

"Kananaskis 02" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $200,00

“Kananaskis 02” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $200.00

"Alberta Sky" Acrylic (Size: 30 X 40) $650.00

“Alberta Sky” Acrylic (Size: 30 X 40) $650.00 (SOLD)

"Foothills" Acrylic

“The Alberta Foothills” Acrylic (Size:24 X 48) $500.00 Framed

"Fall Tree" Acrylic

“One Fall Tree” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $225.00 Framed

"Church in Eastern Europe" Acrylic

“Church in Eastern Europe” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 30) $350.00 Framed

"6" Acrylic

“Southern Alberta” Acrylic (Size: 10 X 12) $175.00 Framed

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