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Jane Williams

Jane was born in London, Ontario and moved with her family to Alberta in 1972. In 1987, she settled in Coaldale Alberta with her husband Rick to raise their two children.

Art has always played a role in Jane’s life whether sketching and drawing as a teenager or paint crafts when her children were young. She began paint lessons in 2004, with Jill Malloy at “The Studio” in Lethbridge Alberta. In 2009, Jane had her first public showing at the Coaldale Public Library, entitled Natural Inspirations.

Acrylics have given her the opportunity to challenge what the eye really sees. Learning to look for colours and play with them has and always will be fascinating. Painting has become a meditation of sorts offering relaxation, exploration and excitement. The vivid colours of acrylics bring new life to her environment and photographs.

Inspiration comes from animals, nature, people, light and life.

To contact the artist, please e-mail at:

"Winter Sunset" Acrylic (Size: 39 X 24) $350.00

“Winter Sunset” Acrylic (Size: 39 X 24) $350.00 SOLD

"John's Horse" Acrylic (Size: 24 X 18) $300.00

“John’s Horse” Acrylic (Size: 24 X 18) $300.00

"Flowers" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 12) $275.00

“Flowers” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 12) $275.00

"Early Morning at Beaver Mines" Acrylic (Size: 30 X 24) $350.00

“Early Morning at Beaver Mines” Acrylic (Size: 30 X 24) $350.00

"Fall Path" Acrylics (Size:36 X 48) $1200.00

“Fall Path” Acrylics (Size:36 X 48) $1200.00

"Banff" Acrylic (Size: 48 X 36) $600.00

“Banff” Acrylic (Size: 48 X 36) $600.00

"Ruster" Acrylic (Size: 17 X 14) $150.00

“Ruster” Acrylic (Size: 17 X 14) $150.00 (SOLD)

"Waterton" Acrylic (Size:14 X 18) $130.00

“Waterton” Acrylic (Size:14 X 18) $130.00

"Lion King" Acrylic (Size: 28 X 18)

“Lion King” Acrylic (Size: 28 X 18) (SOLD)

"The Watcher" Acrylic $180.00

“The Watcher” Acrylic $180.00

"Syd the Cat" Acrylic NFS

“Syd the Cat” Acrylic NFS

"Hawaii Surfer" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 24) $300.00

“Hawaii Surfer” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 24) $300.00

"Giraffe" Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $250.00

“Giraffe” Acrylic (Size: 16 X 20) $250.00 (SOLD)

"Frosty View" Acrylic

“Frosty View” Acrylic $250.00 (SOLD)

"Brrr" Acrylic

“Brrr” Acrylic $250.00

"Big Kitty" Print (Size: 16 X 20) $350.00

“Big Kitty” Print (Size: 16 X 20) $350.00

"Spirit Island" $500.00

“Spirit Island” $500.00

"Foxes" $150.00

“Foxes” $150.00

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  1. Marilyn G permalink
    May 5, 2014 9:06 am

    Very nice work jane. Hope you had success at the Casa sale. MJG

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