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Janet Sheen

       Janet Sheen’s art is greatly influenced by her passion for color and boldness.  Janet enjoys working in oils, watercolors and acrylic  paints.  Her work is usually identified by large size and bold topics,  but she surprises viewers with delicate watercolors in small sizes as well.

       Janet is Lethbridge,  Alberta born and raised and continues to live there with her husband Ron.  With the exception of some courses at University,  her art is mostly self-taught.  After a lengthy career as an educator,  Janet was finally able to fit more painting into her busy life as a retired person.  She is an active member of the Southern Alberta Artists Association,  the Lethbridge Artist Club and Alberta Community Art Clubs Association.

-Represented by

Wall Decor Gallery,  Lethbridge AB.

Barn Buggy Gallery,  Raymond,  AB.

“A Patch of Weeds” Oil

“Aspens at Red Rock Canyon” Oil

“Athena’s Backstep” Acrylics

“Black Eyed Susans” Oil

“Drifting” Oil

“Down to the River” Oil


“Daisy-Do” Oil


“Blowing” Oil

“Riotous Red” Oil

“Park Lake” Oil

“Last of the Marigolds” Oil

“Buffalo Beans” Oil


“Fall and Sunflowers” Oil

“Garden Lilies” Oil

“Solitude” Oil


“Prairie Cat-tails” Oil

“Fence in Stirling” Oil

“Forest Abundance” Oil

“Green Bottles at Night” Oil

“Hutching’s Iris” Oil


“Red Diabolo” Oil

“Prinz’s Sunflowers” Oil

“Poppies for Lynne” Oil

“Calla Picasso” Oil

“Red Gate” Acrylics


“Remembering” Oil

“Riot of Rudbeckia” Oil

“Season of the Sunflower” Oil


“Three Amigos” Oil

“Stirling Poppies” Oil

“Spring Trio” Oil

“Spicata” Oil


“Tranquility” Oil


“Yellow Rose for Arla” Oil

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Marie Wainwright permalink
    July 5, 2014 7:16 pm

    Wow, Janet! I love the flowers so much and the fence in Stirling. I didnt realize you worked in so many media. keep it coming. Marie W

  2. Wendy Egeland permalink
    March 12, 2016 7:28 am

    Excellent ‘gallery tour’. Love them all.

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