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Karina Mak


     Drawing has always been my hobby. As a child, I would draw family members and use photos as reference.Karina Mak

     In 2007, I joined the Lethbridge Artists Club and expanded my repertoire. The following year I began to participate in the Figure Drawing sessions at the Bowman Arts Centre. My preferred subjects are animals, Chinese brush painting, flowers, landscapes, portraits and still life using acrylic, charcoal pencils, Chinese ink, pastel, pen and ink, oil and water color as medium.

     My juried paintings have been exhibited at the Bowman Arts Centre, the Yates Theatre Gallery and the CASA in Lethbridge; the Medicine Hat Cultural Centre; the Lebel Mansion Gallery in Pincher Creek; the Municipal Building in Calgary and Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery and the U of A Extensions Gallery.

     My award winning piece “ My Loving Daughter “ was exhibited at both Red Deer and Edmonton Art Gallery in 2010.

     My artwork has been featured in Quirk , a Southern Alberta Magazine in January 2012 and an interview with Elisha Rasmussen with Lethbridge Global Television News Hour was broadcasted in June 2012.

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High Level Bridge

“High Level Bridge 01” Watercolor

“High Level Bridge in Winter” Watercolor

“High Level Bridge 02” Watercolor

“CPR High Level Bridge” Arrylics (20 X 16)

“Cameron Falls in Waterton Lakes National Park” Watercolor

“West Lake Pagoda” Watercolor

“Hangzhou, West Lake, China” Watercolor

Plein Air - Cancun Mexico 6 - Watercolor

Plein Air – Cancun Mexico 6 – Watercolor

Plein Air- Cancun, Mexico 5 -Watercolor

Plein Air- Cancun, Mexico 5 -Watercolor

Plein Air - Cancun Mexico 4, Watercolor

Plein Air – Cancun Mexico 4, Watercolor

“Wuzhen Water Town 02” Watercolor

“Jail Lake 01” Pastels

“Jail Lake 02” Pastels

Plein Air - Cancun Mexico 3 - Watercolor

Plein Air – Cancun Mexico 3 – Watercolor

“Nikka Yuko Garden, Bell Tower” Watercolor

“Nikka Yuko Garden Entrance” Watercolor

“Nikka Yuko Garden, Stone Lantern” Watercolor

“Nikka Yuko Garden, Water Fall” Watercolor

Plein Air  Cancun, Mexico -Watercolor

Plein Air Cancun, Mexico 2 -Watercolor

plein air - cancun mexico

Plein Air – Cancun, Mexico 1 -Watercolor

“High Level Bridge” Acrylics

“Jenny Lake, Wyoming” Watercolor

“Junction of Carbondale and Castle River” Oil (Size: 90 X 48)

“Pioneer” Acrylics

“Jail Lake, Lethbridge” Pen and Ink

“Old Man River by the Shooting Club” Pen and Ink

“Southern Alberta Sky” Oil (Size: 30 X 24)

“Nikka Yuko Garden, 5 Stories Pagoda” Pen and Ink

“Nikka Yuko Garden, Friendship Bell and Bridge” Pen and Ink

“Nikka Yuko Garden, Pagoda and Waterfall” Pen and Ink

“image 2” Oil

“CPR High Level Bridge” Watercolor

May in Beaver Mines - Watercolor

May in Beaver Mines – Watercolor


Little Chick (Ink)

“Red Lotus in Breeze” Ink

“White Daisy” Watercolor

“Red Lotus” Ink

“Pink Pionies” Watercolor

“Poppies” Ink

“Orchid” Ink

“Plum Flowers, Bamboo and Chrysanthemums” Ink

“Pink Rose” Watercolor

“Sun Burst Lily” Acrylics

“Water Lily” Acrylics

“Orange-red Orchids” Acrylics (Size: 24 X 36)

“Blue Poppy” Acrylic

“Pink Poppy” Acrylic

“Yellow Poppy” Acrylic

“Orange Poppy” Acrylic

“Flowers” Watercolor

“Flowers” Watercolor


“Flowers” Watercolor

“Orange Poppies” Watercolor

“Day Lily” Watercolor

“Flower” Watercolor

EPSON scanner image


Karina Watercolor



“Bride and Groom” Pastels

“Felicia and Josh” Pencil

“Amanda Jr.” Pencil

“My Loving Daughter” Pastels

“Lady Celeste” Oil

“Live Model Drawing” Conte and Pastel

“Sky – Live Model Drawing” Conte

“Live Model” Conte

“Evengeline” Pencil

“Ballerina” Pastels

“Amanda” Life Model Drawing – Conte

“Dethbridge Derby Rollers” Watercolors

“Erick” Oil


“My Sweetheart 01” Watercolor


“My Sweetheart 02” Watercolor

“Street Performer” Acrylic

“Olive Green” Pastel

“Tanya Pace-Crosschild” Pastel

“Charlie Russell” Pastel

“Dr. Barbara Lacey” Pastel

“Knud Petersen” Pastel

“Lisa Lambert” Pastel

“Mark Campbell” Pastel

“Bob Tarleck” Patel

“Mary Oordt” Pastel


“Gheese in Bear Mountain Park” Watercolor

“Mother and Baby Panda” Watercolor

“Mother and Child Reunion” Watercolor

“Moucou” Pencil

“Quinn” Pencil

“Katmandu” Pencil

“Kita and Sprout” Pencil

“Toby” Pencil

“image 1” Watercolor

“Trooper” Pastel

“Kida” Pastel

Meisha, in pastel, Karina

Meisha – Pastel

Koda, pastel, karina

Koda – Pastel

Einstein - pen and ink

Einstein – Pen and Ink

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Dawn permalink
    May 3, 2014 10:40 pm

    Your Poppies at the summer sale were amazing…they just pop off the canvas…the red one was my favorite…smile..

    • Karina Mak permalink
      July 3, 2014 3:21 am

      Thank you very much for your compliment , Dawn !

  2. Lam Fok Po Lam permalink
    August 25, 2015 3:25 pm

    I like your “Loving Daughter” most

    from Po Lam 表姐

  3. Karina Mak permalink
    September 12, 2015 5:04 am

    Thank you very much for viewing my paintings , Po Lam 表姐 !
    Hope we will see you soon ! May be when we have family reunion in Vancouver.

  4. Paul Young permalink
    June 23, 2017 7:43 am

    Nice work….are you showing any of your work at art studios?
    I’m a model visiting area for 2 weeks. Like to visit a few art shows.

    • September 23, 2017 3:12 pm

      Hi Paul, sorry that I missed your message because I don’t check this page often. Next time you come to town in spring or fall , please email me ahead of time , may be we can arrange you to pose for our figure drawing session.

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