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Marion Biggs (1909 ~ 2013)

       Born on March 31,  1909 at  Springfield Ranch,  Alberta,  Marion was the daughter of homesteaders.  She grew up there,  in the Drumheller area,  where the prairie was still wild and undeveloped.  As a teenager,  Marion liked to draw,  and focused on the prairie landscape around her.   In her twenties she moved to Lethbridge.  Marion established and ran the Lethbridge Secretarial College for many years.  In 1968  Marion  joined the  Lethbridge  Sketch  Club;  already a well established group of artists.

       Marion liked to work with pencil crayons and acrylics,  and sometimes in water colours.  She was skilled in producing wonderful vignettes in coloured pencils,  but her main interest was painting.  Marion continued to work with the landscapes of the coulees and prairies.  She captured crocuses;  a brave cluster of purple poking through the dull soil of early spring.  Marion painted coulee bottoms where ice still clung to banks of a half thawed river.  At one point she set out to investigate the landscape of snow,  and produced a group of paintings that depict scenes with which prairie dwellers are familiar…clumps of wind- battered stalks in snow.

       Marion was a loyal member of the Lethbridge  Artists  Club  (previously the Lethbridge Sketch Club)  for over 40 years.  She was its Treasurer for 17 years.  Sadly,  in the past ten years,  macular degeneration has prevented her from painting, but she continued to exhibit and sell her paintings through the Club.

       Marion passed away suddenly on March 9, 2013 just a few days short of her 104th birthday. Her work, which hangs on many walls, exemplifies a devotion to her prairie home. We imagine her walking the coulees with her sketchbook and paints, her tough, independent spirit overcoming the chill and her skilled eye capturing beautifully the natural world around her.


“Prints in snow”

“Snow scene” (Color pencils)

“Snow cover” Oil?

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  1. Rita permalink
    February 22, 2015 9:19 pm

    My husband and I were given a painting by Marion Biggs as a wedding gift from my mother-in-law and her sister. It reminded them of the fun times they shared snowmobiling.

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