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Sue Wilkie

I believe my joy in creativity came from my maternal grandfather who was a master glass engraver. Those are his curvy organic shapes that always occupy my mindless doodles.

Color, design, and composition would not only fascinate me through childhood, but at the end of childhood, at the University of Lethbridge. Working on my Bachelor of Arts in Art (1971) was one of the best times of my life, due to a small, involved group of art students and the artists recruited for faculty in this just-born institution. How fortunate was I to be in the hands of this energized group of instructors, which included Pauline McGeorge, Larry Weaver, Herb Hicks, Charlie Crane, John Nava…to name a few. What these mentors taught me remains to this day as a solid and valuable foundation.

As is true of many lives, I moved in many directions and then returned to formal artistic endeavors in my middle life. Returning to the U of L for a summer program, I found the department vastly changed. Wanting to learn about the digital arts, I completed a Professional Certificate in Multimedia Technology in 2001.

In 2005, I began to teach drawing for The Lethbridge Artists Club. Shortly after, I joined their Board, enrolled in some of their excellent classes and workshops, and became active in the Arts community in Lethbridge. Recently I sat on the Steering Committee for the new Community Arts Centre which will be open in the spring of 2013.

Presently I am involved in many of creative endeavors – ‘en plein’ watercolor, drawing, acrylics, photography, and digital art. Recently I illustrated a youth book and for several years have volunteered to paint murals in 2 long term facilities in Lethbridge. These murals were installed in dementia wards to improve the quality of life for the patients.

I have organized an annual fall retreat in the Rockies for a small group of artists every year since 2008, and this year will again join them on our 11th retreat of sketching, painting, photography & walking.

I hope that creativity provides me with its irreplaceable joy for my entire life. Right now I’m just practicing, hoping that at the end of my life, after much hard work, I might be able to say that I became an artist.

Contact me @ or (403) 328-1373

Nikka Yuko 3

Nikka Yuko Bell Tower 2017

Nikka Yuko 5

Nikka Yuko  Garden Study 2017 – watercolour-

“Pond” Watercolor & Ink ($100.00) 11″ X 15″ Framed

“Hostas” Watercolor & Ink ($100.00) 11″ X 15″ Framed

“The Buffalo Trail” Acrylic (Size: 30 X 40) $250.00

“Dedicated to Dog Walkers” Acrylic (Size: 19 X 23) $150.00 Framed

“Stretch” Acrylic (Size: 18 X 24) $150.00 Unframed

“Mountains & Foothills” Acrylic (Size: ) $125.00 Unframed

“Nikka Yuko Garden” Watercolor (Size: 16 X 20) $175.00 Framed and Matted


Alpine Strawberry Acrylic (20″ x 20″) $175

“Helen Schuler Nature Centre” Watercolor (Size: 22 X 26) $150.00 Matted

“Summer Dreams” Watercolor (Size: 22 X 29) $200.00 Matted

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