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Fran Hutton’s Artist Bio

Fran Hutton ( was born and raised in Southern Alberta. Her interest in art simply arose from the love of nature itself. Growing up on a prairie farm had its creative challenges. They didn’t have a great deal of toys to play with. The nuts and bolts from the farm shop became tractors and trailers travelling on the roads created in the dirt of the front yard.

Creating and examining form and function turned into a fascination with color. She remembers being drawn to the colors of a pheasant’s feather. To realize, through examination, a black crow had so much blue in its underlying structure. She could not have been more than five years old, but the memory is still vivid in her mind. The nature of color and our interpretation of it, continues to intrigue interest; a continuing examination of form, shape and color, a forever learning process.

Fran graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 1985 with an Arts and Science degree, majoring in 2D art. She has made a career in the picture framing industry. Now, through early retirement in this business, Fran has devoted her time to the challenge of mastering the craft of drawing. It is a never ending learning process. There is always something new around the corner.

Pastels have been Fran’s medium of choice. Their vibrancy, tactility and hands on approach to picture making made her fall in love with this medium. Its closeness to the drawing process itself is what makes this medium so enticing.

Whether it is the medium itself, the subject matter, or showing the observer a different way of seeing the world that lies before them, this journey is a fascinating trip. Mastery will have to wait. Fran guesses she is still too busy playing.

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