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Julie Strong

Julie Strong was born on a ranch just east of Waterton National Park in the rolling foothills of the Mountain View area and she has wonderful memories of wandering over the hills picking wild flowers, riding horses bareback and enjoying the outdoors for hours. In 1974 Julie enrolled in the Commercial Art Program at Grant McEwan Community College in Edmonton and then for many years her love for the arts was put aside as she devoted time to her family.

When time and circumstances allowed, Julie was able to dabble here or there in oils and drawing and in 1992, under the encouragement of an aunt who was an amateur watercolor artist, she enrolled in a beginner watercolor course at the Bowman Art Center in Lethbridge, Alberta and she has had a passion for that medium ever since.

In the following years, and after many more courses and workshops, Julie has been asked to teach some classes, to share with others what she has learned. People anxious to learn, bring Julie great pleasure.

Julie’s early experiences of being exposed to such natural grandeur have tremendously influenced her choice of subjects and she is continually drawn back to the hills and mountains when feeling creative. She is rejuvenated and gathers strength and energy when plein air painting there. As well as being inspirational, it also fosters a sweet nostalgic emotion of being young and carefree and she can enjoy it all at her leisure because, just for the day, time doesn’t matter. There’s a lot to be said for a breath of fresh air!


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