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Playing with Acrylic

My artwork uses my rural roots with all those visual memories that go with it in a humorous look at the rural west. The artwork is paintings combining images of people places and scenes of Western Canada in a mixture of traditional and non-traditional mediums. I take little pieces of a topic, the people or the artifacts they produced or their environments, and combine these images in a way that I hope is creative and interesting. Of course what you see is a distorted reality not a perfect reflection of it. What we experience in life affects our view of the world this is why pieces from the subject’s environment are included in the artwork. From the world around the person and the person helped to create it, comes my (or any other artist’s) unique view of the world.

Acrylic painting supply list:

~ Large white

~ Primary colors: Red, Blue & Yellow

~ Black

~ Commonly used colors like, Brown (Umber and Sienna), Green (Pthalo or Hooker), Red oxide, Yellow ochre.

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