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Watercolor course with Julie Strong

Because this is an advanced workshop everyone should have adequate supplies. Everyone should bring whatever you would normally use in a workshop as far as paints and paper etc.

Julie recommends that you bring a sketchbook and your own photos to work from.

In all of the classes, students will use reference photos and Julie will give tips on how to use them as a resource without reproducing the image. Students will be encouraged to use a limited palette with the basic colors and will explore wet into wet techniques allowing the watercolor medium to do the work for them.

She will spend a short time each morning giving an oral presentation and doing a demo. The remainder of the day will be for the class to work on their own projects; this will not be a paint-along. Everyone should be able to work on their own projects at their own pace and Julie will move around and give help as much as she can. The last half hour of each day will be used for critiques.


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