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Since then, lots of artists joined and blazed the trail to the present “Lethbridge Artists Club“.

With sadness, in 2013 we had to say “good bye” to our beloved historic Bowman Arts Centre building. The Lethbridge Artists Club departed with a last and final exhibition held at the Bowman titled ‘The Last “Hurrah” in the P. J. Collins Gallery.’

The Lethbridge Artists Club is presently located in Lethbridge’s brand new arts complex  CASA  (Creating Arts in Southern Alberta) at 230-8th Str. South. Lethbridge, Alberta.

The Lethbridge Artists Club (formerly known as ‘The Lethbridge Sketch Club’) until recently, had 31 pieces of artwork; paintings by various artist members during the early years of the Sketch Club.

These archival paintings have been donated by artists, family members or others who may have purchased paintings and later donated them back to the Club.

Most of the paintings are not dated and were probably done between the late 1930’s into the 1950’s.  Recently about 2/3 of the archival paintings were donated to the Galt Museum permanent collection. Two other painting were adopted by the “Gem of the West Museum in Coaldale, AB. This will ensure that they will be properly cared for and exhibited, on occasion, in these beautiful museums.

Some paintings in the collection show a strong influence of A. Y.  Jackson’s painting style.  Mr. Jackson occasionally visited Lethbridge and held painting sessions with club members in the 1940’s and 50’s.  There are still some archival paintings available for a “good” home. For pictures of archival paintings, please click here.

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