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Archival Paintings

The seven paintings below were adopted by the Galt Museum in Lethbridge, Alberta.

“#11, Landscape” Oil by E. E. Reithman (16 X 20)

“#22, Harvest Time” Oil by Rita Rider (24 X 30)

“#8, Trees” Watercolor by Gerhard Beyer (23 X 30)

“#16, Sir Donald Mountain” Watercolor by  Edith F. Kirk (16 X 22)

“#26, Crucifixion 1” Oil by Catherine Evins (24 X 32)

“#20, Summer Storm Clouds” Watercolor by B Pragnell (21 X 23)

“#14, Farmstead” Oil by P. H. Henson (10 X 14)

The following have been adopted by The Gem of the West Museum in Coaldale, Alberta.

“#12, Riverbottom” Watercolor by E. E. Reithman (21 X 17)

“#18, Snow Storm” Mixed medium by E. G. Hagell (22 x 26)

The following paintings are still available for a good “home”…

“#27, Crucifixion 2” Oil by Catherine Evins (18 x 24)

The original “Lethbridge Sketch Club” Poster

“#19, Centennial” Oil by P. J. Collins (24 x 30)

“#17, Roping a Steer” Oil by E. E. Hagell (24 x 30)

“#13, Trees” Oil by G. Holmes (22 x 30)

“#4, Trees) Oil by P. J. Collins (15 x 31)

“#9, Centennial” Oil by G. Beyer (25 x 48)

“#1, Grove of Trees” Oil by Earle Woodbury (24 x 36)

Artist E. E. Riethman

“#10, Artist E. E. Riethman” Photograph (12 X 14)

“#5, Portrait and Tulips” Tempera by Susan Gardener (20 x 26)

“#21, Ill Girl and Tulips” Watercolor by Bart Pragnell (26 x 34)

“#3, Peggy’s Cove” Oil by A. MacKenzie (16 x 20)

“#6, Riverbottom” Oil by Michael Pisko (20 x 24)

“#2, Spring Awakening” Oil by Earle Woodbury (18 x 24)

“#24, Turbulent Water” Print by Frank Carmichael (29 x 39)

“#7, Coulee Landscape” by P. J. Collins (23 X 47)

The painting(s) below found a good alternative “home”…

“#32, A Windy Day at Waterton” Oil by E. E. Reithman (This painting was donated to The Alzheimer’s Society for their fundraiser)

“#15, Chinese Village” Felt Pen by P. H. Henson (13 X 17) SOLD

“#23, Landscape” Print by Yvonne McKague (22 X 29) SOLD

“#25, Portrait of a Boy” Print of a Rembrant (18 x 22) SOLD

“#28, Canal Flats” Watercolor by Elwin Miller (14 X 18) SOLD

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  1. Linda Richards permalink
    April 22, 2014 2:38 pm

    I really appreciate knowing the history of the club and seeing the works of these original members. I feel proud to be a new member of such an established Lethbridge artists group.

  2. April 13, 2015 4:21 pm

    Thanks for the help.
    I was tracking a painting of my husbands from his grandfather who worked for EE Riethman.
    The family received the painting from the co. on Ernst passing in 1964. Sven continued to work for them till he retired.
    The oil painting is of Henderson lk and the writing on the back says To Sven and Anna In memory of EE Riethman .
    It looks very old, the scene , I mean, it doesn’t look at all like it looks anytime in the last 30 yrs or so.
    PS just to note the credits above have misspelled the ie to ei

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